Destination Wedding Barbados

Southern Palms Beach Club, located in Barbados, is a Green Globe Certified Hotel.

We have taken this important step to adapt to the changing environment and to further implement sustainability into our daily operation.

Southern Palms Beach Club has therefore incorporated its environmental and conservation efforts as well as its corporate social responsibilities into our purchasing policy:

Preference is given to local products and organic food items where possible.

Refusal of Styrofoam material.

Suppliers are requested to take back reusable packaging, shipping containers and pallets.

Packaging made from recycled material.

Environmentally-friendly supplies are purchased where possible.

Preference is given to “Fair Trade” certified goods and eco-labelled goods where possible.

Preference is given to Green Certified Suppliers or suppliers following best environmental & social practices.

The purchasing policy is designed to minimize the impact on the environment and to support the local community.

Although we understand that not all products fall under above mentioned guidelines, we urge vendors and suppliers to make every effort to comply.

Join us in displaying environmental leadership. A Green Globe Certification comes with new responsibilities and many rewards such as better business practices.

Thank you!